Fantastic Magic Center Virtual Tour 2020

In 2020, Kent Cummins led a virtual tour of the Fantastic Magic Center for a live event. Things have evolved since this was broadcast, but it gives a good idea of the nature of the center and what Kent Cummins is preserving.

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  • Martin Scott Price

    I guess I have a similar bug to collecting Magic and Puppets.
    I was a support act to the big stars when variety was in full flow, I still perform on a regular basis adult family shows and childrens shows.
    I too have a museum devoted to puppets and a magic shop see
    my own web site shows you what I have been doing at galas and fetes.
    Hope we can chat say hello folks.
    I an in Blackpool home of the biggest magician Convention in the World.
    So if you visit Blackpool England you must come and visit us .
    Keep up the good work

    • Kent Cummins


      Thank you for reaching out across the pond. I am a member of the Magic Circle, nut haven’t been to London since 1967!

      I loved seeing the Pelham Puppets again. I had several when i was performing puppets hows, although since my mom was a professional puppeteer, I also had some hand made just for me.

      If (WHEN) I get back to the UK, I certainly hope to visit your museum. And if (WHEN) you come to the US, I hope you will schedule time to come see my Fantastic Magic Center.

      In the meantime, I think you would enjoy my podcast, “Tales from the Fantastic magic center. I will do an episode on puppetry for magicians some time next year.

      Kent (My name came from Kent, but I have never been there.)

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